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Creation of a visual ID for your laboratory and/or scientific events

Design of digital material to provide information/advertisement

Development and maintainance of websites/social media

Social media engagement of your scientific group/event


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What does it mean to be a collective group?


The world of advertisment and production of creative content moves at a speed that traditional agencies can’t keep up with. Smaller and adaptable groups have access to the inner creativity of inhabitants of this new world.


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About us

We are IDEA, a collective of researchers specializing in developing digital and creative content. Our main mission is to offer you 24/7 remote support. This project aims to provide high-standard scientific dissemination, based on a relationship of trust and cooperation. We have a multidisciplinary team, working daily in contact with researchers. This gives us a unique and reliable bond to the scientific world.

Our Latest Projects

Screenshot of the webpage created by idea-sci for the PROBE-PD lab.


Screenshot of the webpage created by idea-sci for the Postgraduate Research Program in Biological Sciences: Biochemistry Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS).


Screenshot of the webpage created by idea-sci for the Lourenço Lab.

Lourenco Lab

Screenshot of the webpage created by idea-sci for the Pascoal Lab.

Pascoal Lab

We are IDEA, a company located in Porto Alegre, Brazil. If you are willing to contact us to learn about our remote service, we have what it takes to help you, no matter where you are in the world.

Our Team

Fernando Rigon

Fernando Rigon

Visual Communication | Editor

Julio Cesar de Azeredo

Julio Cesar de Azeredo

Visual Communication | Programmer

Eduardo Zimmer

Eduardo Zimmer

Scientific Advisor